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For some it was the Mississippi River floods. 

For Dale Westin it was Hurricane Katrina.  Tammy and Raul Rodriguez say it was when the Northridge quake shifted their house three feet off its foundation.  For my wife and me it was the wildfires in Northern San Diego County.  This is when the point was finally driven home, we need to prepare for a disaster.


Fortunately, we’re avid campers and over the years have collected a bunch of basic camping equipment.  I believe this stuff would serve us well should utilities fail or we’re asked to evacuate.  I’ve taken the next step and put this equipment into a single storage unit that can also be quickly mounted to my SUV trailer hitch.  I call it my HitchKitchen.


The HitchKitchen sets on a standard ‘hitch mounted cargo tray’.  I got mine from RV Toy Outlet for about $70.  I also mounted rear trailer lights on the carrier because the HitchKitchen almost blocks the tail lights on my Dodge Durango.


The HitchKitchen includes a built in sink with faucet and a five foot counter top. It also neatly stores the following:

· 2 five gallon fresh  water ‘jerry cans’

· 1 five gallon waste water tank

· Big Berkey stainless steel water purifier

· Coleman hot water heater

· Shower wand

· Coleman camp stove

· Coleman grill

Plus the HitchKitchen still has plenty of room for food and other supplies.


I also built a complementary shower and toilet enclosure that also rides on the cargo carrier.  You can see a picture of the PETT toilet to the right.


Both the HitchKitchen and the shower enclosure include built in fold up legs.  The HitchKitchen can also be used while mounted to the car carrier for quick in route meals.

Text Box: Easy to build using common household tools and wood cut by your local lumberyard.  
Instantly download the 27-page plans now for only $3.95.  
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If you’d like to build your own, I’m selling plans for $3.95 to cover the costs of putting up this website.  (see Buy Now button left) I’ve also put links to Amazon for the equipment that I use with the HitchKitchen.  And if you’d like to go ‘all the  way’ and equip your vehicle for sleeping too, I offer roof top tents at a great price at



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